Building profitable web products is hard. We make it easier.

Code Tree is a high-grade web development and UX design team specialized in mapping out, designing, and delivering complex custom-built web applications on time.

Ivor Reic

Ivor Reic

Full-stack JS

React, Babel/TypeScript

UX, Conversion, Analytics

Vedran Marcetic

Vedran Marcetic

Back-end development

Ruby on Rails

Deployment, Scaling, Security

Most projects run into same fundamental problems. Uninvolved and irresponsible teams, neglected business goals, opaque development process. The good news? You can work in a way to avoid these common pitfalls and maximize your chance for success.

Here are some of our basic principles


Build products with business goals in mind

Developers often sweat over minute technical details but completely ignore the bigger picture. Our primary goal is to help you build a successful business.


Deliver weekly measurable results

At the end of each week our goal is to showcase working and improved software, not promises and PowerPoint presentations.


Work on one project at a time

While most development shops tend to juggle many clients at once, we’re all about immersing ourselves into a single project. Doing away with context switching allows us to do better work.


Move quickly and welcome change

Our process is simple, flexible, and transparent. To thrive, online businesses must be able to change direction quickly. Experimentation should be rewarded, not punished.


Be proactive

We will detect possible pitfalls in advance, before they turn into tangible problems. We also love coming up with new ideas and suggestions.


Communicate effectively and truthfully

We value effective communication that keeps everyone on the same page and transparent relationships in which everyone can speak truthfully.

Maximilian Seifert
Maximilian Seifert | CTO | COSUNO

Code Tree did an excellent job building the MVP of our SaaS product. Their expert knowledge of React and related technologies, as well as their ability to work independently on complex product features, make them exceptionally valuable contributors. I would work together with them again without hesitation.

Preferred technology stack

While this is our preferred stack, we can also work in many other environments. If you don't understand what some of these mean, don't worry. The main takeaway is that we only work with modern and reliable technologies.

Project Management

  • Trello
  • Jira
  • Slack
  • Google Hangouts


  • Sketch

Version Control

  • Git


  • JS/Babel/Typescript
  • React (interested in Vue, Svelte)
  • SCSS, Styled-components
  • Webpack, npm
  • GraphQL


  • Ruby (on Rails)
  • PostgreSQL, Cassandra etc.
  • Redis, Elastic
  • Docker, Capistrano, Jenkins
  • AWS, Linode

Keep in mind...

We cover a wide range of skills

We are experts in user experience design, web development, and server architecture. Besides our core skills, we can also help you with user research, conversion and retention optimization, security, and much more.

We are capable of supporting your growth

Whether you’re expecting ten, or ten million users to flood your website — we’ve got you covered. Our custom servers can scale to endure any amount of traffic while considerably reducing your monthly hosting costs.

We never subcontract our responsibilities

When working with us, you always know who’s building your product — the same people you signed the deal with. We’ll never bring in someone else to do the work, or even worse, subcontract to cheaper studios.

We are experienced in remote collaboration

While currently based in Zagreb (Croatia), we have been working remotely since the beginning of our careers and are happy to visit clients early and often. Alternatively, you could visit us, and spend some time in our beautiful country.